The Appraisal Process

Formal written appraisals involve an in-person visit for examination and photography followed by office procedures including item identification, market comparable research, and report production.

My normal value formula is approximately two hours of office time for every hour of inspection. This takes guesswork out of estimating costs for clients.

As an accredited appraiser that adheres to a strict code of ethics I can be compensated in one of only two ways – a fee per item or per hour of service. I charge per hour of service with a one hour minimum. I am happy to perform appraisals remotely from photos as well.

Please give a call at (
503) 422-3481 or drop me an email to discuss your appraisal needs.


Inspection, Research and Reporting

A walk through and inspection of items, photography, clerical work and research of 

items and appropriate markets determined by the objective, report production

including printing and postage - my fee per hour is $130.00.

Fees are (excl. taxes) per hour, normally with approximately two hours of research, writing, and clerical for each hour of inspection

Valuation Services

Valuation of items in estates and for personal reasons,  pricing of items for sale,

and other specialized uses not requiring reporting.

Verbal valuation is at the same rate, with some allowances made for fractional hours

(ie. half hour at $65.00, quarter hours at $32.50).

Fees are per hour or fractional hour;

no report production

Estate Sale Services and Auction Placement

.Please call me at 503 422-3481 to discuss hosting of estate sales and

appropriate placement of antiques and fine art at auction, which are commission-based.