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As a generalist appraiser, I provide accurate, thorough evaluations of antiques and personal property. 

I can appraise most items in households; I call on specialists as needed.



An appraisal is a written document with a value conclusion by an appraiser or specialist of an item or collection of items. Appraisals are typically required for legal purposes like:

  • insurance for owned items of personal property, from a single piece of art to an entire household

  • estate division between heirs or taxation for estates

  • tax deductions for donations.

A verbal valuation can be a range at which your item might sell under current market conditions

for all or one of the ways items sell on the open market:

  • at retail in a gallery or shop 

  • from seller to buyer through venues like craigslist, eBay or estate sales, or

  • on the auction market through a reputable, auction house with well-advertised specialist auctions.

Do you need an appraisal or a verbal valuation service for your item or collection? 

I am happy to help you as you determine your needs. Give me a quick call at (503) 422-3481.


Formal written appraisals involve an in-person visit for examination and photography followed by office procedures including item identification, market comparable research, and report production. 

As an accredited appraiser that adheres to a strict code of ethics I can be compensated in one of only two ways – a fee per item or per hour of service. I charge per hour of service with a one hour minimum. I am happy to perform appraisals and verbal valuation remotely from photos as well.

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